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Super Directional Acoustic Detector

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S.D.A.D. 2-channel system points direction to fault

Ease and speed of fault finding with a thumper have been greatly enhanced with the addition of the S.D.A.D. to the Aqua-Tronics line. The Super DAD conveys more information about the fault location faster, with the addition of new microprocessor-controlled electronics that provide bright, easier-to-see-and-read signals—day or night.

US Patent #4,835,478 

The SDAD has three modes of operation

  • Basic DIRECTION-TO-FAULT, with centering ability
  • Time-based distance to fault, triggered by ballistic impulse (Magnetic thumper wave), to eliminate false tripping due to background noise
  • FAULT DEPTH indication

All other features are the same as the D.A.D., which has been proven to be the industry standard for detection of thumper pulses and is in use by most leading utilities in the U.S. 

Complete detection system includes

  • Two earth Probe Microphones
  • Two Tri-Pod (for use on hard surfaces)
  • Two Microphone Cables
  • A-T Ballistic Impulse Meter Detection System
  • Direction to fault indication (Super bright LEDs)
  • Stereo Headphones – High quality and comfortable
  • Audio output limitation: Automatic ear protection for the operator, even if a microphone is dropped.
  • Foam lined carrying case
  • Instruction Manual & Batteries
  • Warranty

Optional accessory

  • Stirrup Probes
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