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A700 product

I.C. 49 Inductive Coupler

Traditional 3″ budget coupler. Compatible with all Aqua-Tronics tracing instruments.

EG3000 product

I.C. 56 Inductive Coupler

Traditional 5″ Coupler. For use with any Aqua-Tronics tracing instruments.

Digi 7 product

I.C. 56WT & I.C. 49WT Wireless Inductive Coupler

This is an all-new remote wireless inductive coupler with super-safe housing and an extension clamp-on feature.
*** Patent Pending ***

EG3000 product


Dual sensor ground probe is available for rapidly searching a long line. The probe spread is 24″. The A-Frame can be purchased as an accessory to the EG-3000 or as a substitute for the standard stirrup probes.

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