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Aqua Tronics

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Our Products



Super directional acoustics, 3 modes for pinpoint accuracy, and a complete detection system for confidence.

Product-EG-3000 & 3000T-1

EG-3000 & 3000T

Advanced fault locators, automatic voltage control, precise & safe up to 3 kV output for ultimate cable protection.



Digital precision, automatic/manual modes, one-hand control, and value redefined.



Lightweight, one-handed control, and analog accuracy redefined—speed up your workflow.

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Years in Business


Helping You Solve Buried Utility Problems Is What We Do Best

Our goal, since 1967, has been to be your go-to source for underground utility problem-solving equipment. Whether you are with an IOU, COOP, Municipal, Contractor, Distributor, or Property Manager, we are here to help you select, deliver, service, and maintain your equipment.

Our Service is Quality

We pride ourselves on quality, service, and customer support.

Setting our Standard for Service

Setting the standard for service is what we are about.

Professional Engineers

Unlike some companies, our engineers know how to use the equipment we sell.
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