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Cable Identification
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Cable Locators
A-6 Tracer..... A-700..... AT-9X..... DIGI-7.....

Primary Cable Fault Locators
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Secondary Cable Fault Locators
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I.C. 49 Inductive Coupler..... I.C. 56 Inductive Coupler.....
.....I.C. 56WT & I.C. 49WT Wireless Inductive Coupler..... Sewer Snooper.....
.....Mini Snooper..... A-Frame..... Stirrup Probes.....

Cable Identification

Cable I.D. Live


Easily identify one cable from another. Whether you are in the trench or out of the trench, transformer to transformer, house to transformer, pole to transformer, or ground rod to ground rod you will be able to diagnose the situation quickly.
  • Primary or Secondary
  • In or Out of the Trench
  • Tx-Former to Tx-Former
  • Tx-Former to Meter
  • Engerized or Grounded
  • Secondary, jacketed primary, or street light.
  • Simple & Easy to Use

Much safer than the DC impulse method. Sometimes contractors leave excess cable in the ground. The three cables you see in the trench may be the same cable from a loop or coil. The Cable I.D. Live will avoid this problem.

*US Patent Pending

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Cable Locators

A-6 Tracer


For exceptionally sensitive pipe (or cable) searching, the A-6 Tracer offers both conductive, inductive, and on-handle searching.

Conductive Tracing: A transmitter with impedance-matching capabilities energizes the metal pipe or line for electromagnetic pickup. Variable power transmitter for crowded line locations: burnout protected.

Inductive Tracing: This unit offers the largest antennas on the market for penetrating more deeply for pipe or cable detection.

On-Handle: Operates as a commercial metal detector for locating pipes, cables, conduits, or valves.

The A-6 Tracer is a completely self-contained system with receiver and transmitter folding into one easy-to-carry case. Traces nonmetallic pipes using either the Sewer Snooper or the Mini-Snooper (shown above). Inductive Couplers are available as accessories.

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Light weight, integrated one-hand controls, speed, and simplicity sum up the new A-700 analog pipe and cable locator.

Like the time-tested A7 Cable Commander, the A-700 is an affordable analog alternative to high priced digital locators that require a rocket scientist to operate.

New features include unified mechanical packaging, crystal controlled electronics, an internal inductive antenna, and one-handed operation.

The A-700 system includes the receiver, transmitter, output cables, ground rod and plate, and foam lined carrying case.

Click here for specifications

Inductive Couplers are available as accessories to the A-700 system as are the Sewer Snooper and Mini-Snooper (for locating non-metallic pipes or ducts).


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AT-9X Power Pup


This is a low-cost receiver that is tuned to 50-60 Hz and picks up the electromagnetic wave when current is present in the cable. It will detect loaded lines where most others fail, because of advanced receiver circuitry and a precision wound antenna.

Not only are low energy signals or waves detected, but also some low impedance grounded faults, underground transformers, and splices can be found. Operating the receiver/antenna "gun" with or without headphones is very simple.

The AT-9X comes complete with a soft foam lined carrying bag designed for rugged protection of the instrument.

The AT-9X requires less than 1 amp load current to produce a locate 3 feet deep typically. A 100W. light bulb draws about .8 amps.

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The DIGI-7 is a full feature digital pipe and cable locator that has fully automatic left-right guidance mode, but also has a completely manual mode. Integrated one-hand controls, speed, and simplicity are also characteristics of the new DIGI-7 digital pipe and cable locator.

The Digi-7 is an affordable Digital alternative to the high priced locators on the market today.

New features include unified mechanical packaging, large easy-to-see LCD,an internal inductive antenna, and one-handed operation.

The Digi-7 system includes the receiver, transmitter, ground plate assembly, and foam lined carrying case.

Click here for specifications

Inductive Couplers are available as accessories to the Digi-7 system as are the Sewer Snooper and Mini-Snooper (for locating non-metallic pipes or ducts).


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Primary Cable Fault Locators

Magnetics Only Meter - Prelocates faults with thumper


Low Cost mini fault detector senses magnetic wave from thumper and brightly locates location.

Walk the cable route to "see" thumper signal pass; general location of fault is indicated where signal falls off. LED bar graph shows clearly in the dark.

One hand operation with M.O.M. slung from neck; single control operation.

Many faults located in one pass; especially effective in downtown network systems.

Small enough to fit in a jacket pocket, the M.O.M. comes with a 9V battery that provides 75-100 hours of continuous service. A rugged but light nylon case, slung from the neck, allows one-hand operation and protects the instrument. The M.O.M. is microprocessor controlled, operates well in extreme temperatures and has no moving parts.

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Directional Acoustic Detector*
DAD 2-Channel System Points Direction to Fault*


The model D.A.D. Directional Acoustic Detector features a new concept in fault locating that utilizes the speed of sound to show direction to the fault (thump) from where the operator is standing. This dual channel system is designed to work with any brand thumper. The sound of the thump is detected at different times by two microphones placed over the cable route. The DAD uses an ultra-high speed clock to determine which microphone is closer to the fault and indicate the direction the operator must go. When the operator passes the fault, the meter will indicate a reversal in direction.

The DAD includes soft soil microphones (earth probes) as well as tri-pod bases for hard surface location. The earth probe allows the thump to be heard in soft dirt, sand, bark dust, or under water. It even works well in high background noise areas. Since the earth probe penetrates the soil, background noise is left above ground and all that remains below ground is the "thump". The tri-pod bases are used over asphalt and concrete and can even be pushed into some types of soft soil.

The DAD also includes a ballistic impulse detector to visually confirm the presence of the "thump". This detector receives the large magnetic wave that travels the cable with the thumper pulse. This magnetic is so effective, the operator can pre-locate most faults using only the magnetic portion of the DAD, even from inside a moving vehicle.

The DAD system includes the following:
  • Two earth Probe Microphones
  • Two Tri-Pod's (for use on hard surfaces)
  • Two Microphone Cables
  • A-T Ballistic Impulse Meter Detection System
  • Logic Trip Meter for direction to fault indication
  • Stereo Headphones - High quality and comfortable
  • Audio output limitation: Automatic ear protection for
    the operator, even if a microphone is dropped.
  • Foam lined carrying case
  • Instruction Manual & Batteries
  • Warranty
Optional *US Patent #4,835,478

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Super Directional* Acoustic Detector


Ease and speed of fault finding with a thumper have been greatly enhanced with the addition of the S.D.A.D. to the Aqua-Tronics line. The Super DAD conveys more information about the fault location, and faster, with the addition of new microprocessor controlled electronics that provide bright, easier-to-see-and-read signals - day or night.

The SDAD has three modes of operation:
  • Basic DIRECTION-TO-FAULT, with centering ability
  • Time-based distance to fault, triggered by ballistic impulse (Magnetic thumper wave) to eliminate false tripping due to background noise
  • FAULT DEPTH indication
All other features are the same as the D.A.D., which has been proven to be the industry-standard for detection of thumper pulses, and is in use by most leading utilities in the U.S. Protected under *US Patent #4,835,478 and patents pending.

  • Two earth Probe Microphones
  • Two Tri-Pod's (for use on hard surfaces)
  • Two Microphone Cables
  • A-T Ballistic Impulse Meter Detection System
  • Direction to fault indication (Super bright LED's)
  • Stereo Headphones - High quality and comfortable
  • Audio output limitation: Automatic ear protection for
    the operator, even if a microphone is dropped.
  • Foam lined carrying case
  • Instruction Manual & Batteries
  • Warranty
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Secondary Cable Fault Locators

EG-3000 & EG-3000T


UNDERGROUND CABLE FAULT LOCATOR With Automatic Cable-Saving Voltage Control*

The EG-3000 is the culmination of 20 years of fault locator development based upon field experience. It is a complete system, employing the most effective fault location electronics, plus many features for safety and operational convenience. Most outstanding of these is the system's Automatic Cable-Saving Voltage Control.*

When pulsing a line to establish a fault, the EG-3000 applies only the breakdown voltage needed. Just as important, once the breakdown or flash to ground is achieved, the voltage is automatically reduced to the minimum amount needed to keep the fault alive and the fault current is increased. Up to 2.2 amps is available to locate through asphalt and concrete or dry sand and soil. Try that with an AC type fault locator.

The Transmitter
  • Faults up to 20 Meg Ohm
  • Over 2 amps of current available
  • Automatic voltage control
  • Up to 3 kV output
  • Operates from 120V source, 12V external source, or 12V 7Ah rechargeable internal battery.
  • Prevents cable and insulation damage
  • Proof tests cables before returned to service.
  • 120V. Protection for hookups to live cables.
Optional Cable Tracer

The EG-3000 is available with a built in cable tracing system. (Order Model EG-3000T). It is a highly effective line locator featuring a high gain receiver with a swivel antenna allowing for peak, null, and depth readings with ease. It has 5 step impedance matching for maximum tracing ability in all soil conditions. An Inductive Coupler and Inductive Antenna are available as accessories.

An accessory A-Frame is available (24" probe spacing).


*U.S. Patent # 4,697,137

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I.C. 49 Inductive Coupler


Traditional 3" budget coupler. Compatible with all Aqua-Tronics tracing instruments.

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I.C. 56 Inductive Coupler


Traditional 5" Coupler. For use with any Aqua-Tronics tracing instruments

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I.C. 56 WT & I.C. 49 WT Wireless Inductive Coupler*


This is an all new remote wireless inductive coupler with super safe housing and extension clamp-on feature. Its tone transmitter is built into the handle, so there is no cord to create problems or danger. The I.C. 56-WT greatly increases safety and reliability in line tracing. In addition to having no cord with a transmitter hanging at the end of it, this unit incorporates Aqua-Tronics' latest plastic housing (Auto-Clamp). This design provides automatic positive seating of the coupler contacts, plus a unique technique for manipulating the jaws at the end of a lineman's hot-stick. The inside diameter of the jaws is 5 5/8" (14.29cm).

*Patent applied for.

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Sewer Snooper


Sewer Snooper for non-metallic pipe location. The Sewer Snooper is a small radio transmitter designed to easily travel inside a 4" non-metallic pipe attached to a standard rodding machine or sewer tape. It is 2" in diameter and 6 1/2" lg. As it is forced through the pipe, any of Aqua-Tronics' receivers trace the position and depth (up to 50 feet!). This method is far more effective than energizing a metal tape inside the line.

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Mini Snooper


The Mini Snooper is a smaller version (1 1/2" x 4") for the Sewer Snooper, operating in pipes as small as 3" and can be located at a depth of 25 feet. On a flexible leader, it can negotiate a 90-degree turn in a 3" pipe. U.S. Patent # 3,597,680

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A-FRAME dual sensor ground probe is available for making a rapid search on a long line. The probe spread is 24". The A-Frame can be purchased as an accessory to the EG-3000 or as a substitute for the standard stirrup probes.

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Stirrup Probes


STIRRUP PROBES Allow penetration of the toughest soil conditions while reducing force exerted on the microphone. They are made of very durable sand-cast aluminum and have 3/8" dia. stainless steel spikes.

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